Savonnerie Corinne (H)

40 hpi | CARPET_40_H


This beautiful Savonnerie was one of a series of carpets named ‘Fame and Fortitude’, commissioned for the Louvre, Paris in the mid 1600’s by Louis XIV. At this time the Louvre was a royal residence, rather than a museum. Louis XIV was known as ‘The Sun King’, hence the sunflower motif in the centre of the carpet.

349 x 519 stitches

Approx finished measurements:
40hpi: 8.6″ x 12.7″ (22cms x 32.5cms)

Due to the size of this carpet, i am not offering an actual kit but as you will see below, there are four different options for you to buy.

The chart for this design is in full colour (with symbols) over 22 x A4 pages. To acquire the colours i wanted for this carpet, i used mainly ‘Madeira Mouline’ six strand cotton floss. I also used two DMC shades as i couldn’t find the right shade of grey in the Madeira range.

If you wish to provide your own threads and would rather use all DMC for stitching the carpet, I have converted the colours from Madeira. However, the golds are slightly more ‘brassy’ than the ones i used so i am suggesting a warmer range of golds, also. If you choose to purchase the ‘cottons’ from me then you will be provided with the exact colours i used in the carpet.

YOU WILL ALSO NEED SIZE 28 NEEDLES FOR WORKING ON 40hpi Silk Gauze (available from ‘Materials’).

1. Gold lt. 834 X 3
2. Navy dk. 939 X 3
3. Cream 712 X 3
4. Gold v. lt. 677 X 3
5. Old Gold dk. 831 X 2
6. Old Gold med. 832 X 2
7. Chrome Grey 415 X 2
8. Coral lt. 758 X 1
9. Rust med. 3778 X 1
10.Lead Grey 414 X 1
11.Grey Green med. 3052 X 1
12.Grey Green lt. 524 X 1
13.Coral v. lt. 754 X 1
14.Hazelnut Brown 829 X 1
15.Rust dk. 3830 X 1
16.Steel Grey dk. 317 X 1
17.Fern Green med. 3051 X 1
Alternative ‘warmer’ Golds: 1. 676 x 3, 5. 3829 x 2, 6. 729 x 2

1. Gold lt. 2208 X 2
2. Navy dk. 1009 X 2
3. Cream 2101 X 2
4. Gold v. lt. 2205 X 2
5. Old Gold dk. 2201 X 1
6. Old Gold med. 2202 X 1
7. Chrome Grey NA USE DMC 415
8. Coral lt. 403 X 1
9. Rust med. 402 X 1
10.Lead Grey NA USE DMC 414
11.Grey Green med. 1513 X 1
12.Grey Green lt. 1512 X 1
13.Coral v. lt. 305 X 1
14.Hazelnut Brown 2113 X 1
15.Rust dk. 401 X 1
16.Steel Grey dk. 1713 X 1
17.Fern Green med. 1508 X 1

N.B. The number of skeins suggested are based on using 40 count gauze for your carpet. Smaller counts may require more thread.

Hole per inch: 40 hpi
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