All 40hpi footstool kits include: Large colour (with symbols) chart, 40hpi silk gauze (ready mounted in a card frame), padding, needle, colour photo and full instructions. The 40hpi kits also include Madeira stranded cotton (pre-sorted in a numbered thread holder). The 48hpi kits include Gutermann 100% silk (on numbered straws).

ALL STOOL KITS INCLUDE a David Booth completed footstool apart from my JULIETTE DESIGN (ST 40 A1 & 2), my William Morris 'Hammersmith' design (LG FS 40 A1 & A2) and ST 40 B 'Suzanne' (dressing table stool), WHICH CONTAIN A McQueenie KIT stool.

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Suzanne Long Footstool (C)
40 hpi | LONG_FS_40_C
Floral Long Footstool (A)
48 hpi | LONG_FS_48_A
Out of stock
Floral / Ribbon Long Footstool (B)
48 hpi | LONG_FS_48_B1
Out of stock
Garland Long Footstool (D)
48 hpi | LONG_FS_48_D
Out of stock
Brother Rabbit Long Footstool (F)
48 hpi | LONG_FS_48_F
Out of stock
Repeating Roses Long Footstool (G)
48 hpi | LONG_FS_48_G
Out of stock
Fleur de Lys Long Footstool (H1)
48 hpi | LONG_FS_48_H1
Out of stock
Scallop Long Footstool (J1)
48 hpi | LONG_FS_48_J1
Out of stock
Scallop Long Footstool (J2)
48 hpi | LONG_FS_48_J2
Out of stock
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