All cushion kits include: Large colour (with symbols) chart, 40,48 or 56hpi gauze (ready mounted in a card frame), twisted edging cord, backing fabric, needle, colour photo and full instructions. 40hpi (hole per inch) kits also include: Madeira stranded cotton (pre-sorted in a numbered thread holder). 48/56hpi kits also include: Gutermann 100% silk (on numbered straws).

I no longer keep 48/56hpi kits in stock. Most of the designs can be made to order. Please contact me for details.

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Old Ted Cushion (P1)
40 hpi | CUS_40_P1
Pug Pup Cushion (R1)
40 hpi | CUS_40_R1
Pug Pup Cushion (R2)
40 hpi | CUS_40_R2
Bunny Cushion (T1)
40 hpi | CUS_40_T1
Bunny Cushion (T2)
40 hpi | CUS_40_T2
Bunny Cushion (T3)
40 hpi | CUS_40_T3
Pup Cushion (U1)
40 hpi | CUS_40_U1
Pup Cushion (U2)
40 hpi | CUS_40_U2
Tudor Cushion (W)
40 hpi | CUS_40_W
Tudor Cushion (W2)
40 hpi | CUS_40_W2
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