40 Holes per Inch

Slightly finer, but still relatively clear to see (particularly with a good magnifier and light), is 40hpi silk gauze. A surprising amount of detail can be obtained and the finished results are very effective.

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Angel Stocking (E)
40 hpi | CS_40_E
Candle Stocking (F)
40 hpi | CS_40_F
Bell Stocking (G)
40 hpi | CS_40_G
Santa Stocking (J)
40 hpi | CS_40_J
Scallop Cushion (BB1)
40 hpi | CUS_40_BB1
Scallop Cushion (BB3)
40 hpi | CUS_40_BB3
Cockerel Cushion (CC1)
40 hpi | CUS_40_CC1
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