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A word about Silk Gauze

Incredible detail can be obtained by using 54hpi silk gauze

Silk gauze is a wonderful fabric to work on. The holes are extremely clear and the fabric very fine and flexible. Therefore it moulds itself perfectly to working in small scale.

The largest (and therefore the clearest) gauge silk gauze included in my kits is 32hpi (hole per inch). I
hope to gradually increase the range of kits available.

Slightly finer, but still relatively clear to see (particularly with a good magnifier and light), is 40hpi silk
gauze. A surprising amount of detail can be obtained and the finished results are very effective.

48 hpi gauze is that much finer and my particular favourite. Silk thread has to be used in preference to cotton, which is too thick, but the needle used has a fairly large eye and is quite easy to thread. It's not too hard on the eyes either.

The finest is 56hpi. Incredible detail can be obtained from the finer mesh but you will probably find it necessary to use a magnifier and I always recommend good light for all sizes.

Silk Gauze/Needles

30 hpi Gauze:

SG_30_3X3Silk Gauze Pack 30 hpi 7.6 cms x 7.6 cms£2.70
SG_30_4X6Silk Gauze Pack 30 hpi 10 x 15.2 cms£5.00
SG_30_8X10Silk Gauze Pack 30 hpi 20.3 x 25.3 cms£10.80
SG_30_QMTSilk Gauze QUARTER METRE30HPI 25cms x 98cms£26.00
SG_30_13.10Silk Gauze for AUBUSSON CARPET30HPI 13" x 10"£17.50
SG_30_12.5Silk gauze for PEACOCK & BIRD Carpet 30HPI 12.5" X 12.5"£19.00
SG_30_HMTSilk Gauze HALF METRE30HPI 50cms x 98cms£42.00
SG_30_MTSilk Gauze ONE METRE30HPI 100cms x 98cms£68.00

40 hpi Gauze:

SG_40_3X3Silk Gauze Pack 40 hpi 7.6 cms x 7.6 cms£2.90
SG_40_4X6Silk Gauze Pack 40 hpi 10 x 15.2 cms£5.40
SG_40_8X10Silk Gauze Pack 40 hpi 20.3 x 25.3 cms£11.80
SG_40_QMTSilk Gauze QUARTER METRE40HPI 25cms x 98cms£35.00
SG_40_HMTSilk Gauze HALF METRE40HPI 50cms x 98cms£56.60
SG_40_MTSilk Gauze ONE METRE40HPI 100cms x 98cms£89.60

48 hpi Gauze:

SG_48_3X3Silk Gauze Pack 48 hpi 7.6 cms x 7.6 cms£2.90
SG_48_4X6Silk Gauze Pack 48 hpi 10 x 15.2 cms£5.50
SG_48_8X10Silk Gauze Pack 48 hpi 20.3 x 25.3 cms£12.80
SG_48_QMTSilk Gauze QUARTER METRE48HPI 25cms x 98cms£35.00
SG_48_HMTSilk Gauze HALF METRE48HPI 50cms x 98cms£56.00
SG_48_MTSilk Gauze ONE METRE48HPI 100cms x 98cms£89.60

56 hpi Gauze:

SG_56_3X3Silk Gauze Pack 56 hpi 7.6 cms x 7.6 cms£3.20
SG_56_4X6Silk Gauze Pack 56 hpi 10 x 15.2 cms£6.30
SG_56_8X10Silk Gauze Pack 56 hpi 20.3 x 25.3 cms£14.50
SG_56_QMTSilk Gauze QUARTER METRE56HPI 25cms x 98cms£40.00
SG_56_HMTSilk Gauze HALF METRE56HPI 50cms x 98cms£64.00
SG_56_MTSilk Gauze ONE METRE56HPI 100cms x 98cms£99.00

58 hpi Gauze:

SG_58_QMTSilk Gauze QUARTER METRE58HPI 25cms x 98cms£40.00
SG_58_HMTSilk Gauze HALF METRE58HPI 50cms x 98cms£64.00
SG_58_MTSilk Gauze METRE58hpi 100cms x 98cms£99.00
SG_58_3 X 3Silk Gauze pack58HPI 7.6 X 7.6cms£3.20
SG_58_4 X 6Silk Gauze pack58HPI 10 X 15.2cms£6.30
SG_58_8 X 1Silk Gauze pack58HPI 20.3 x 25.3cms£14.50

60 hpi Gauze:

SG_60_3X3Silk Gauze Pack 60 hpi 7.6 cms x 7.6 cms£3.20
SG_60_4X6Silk Gauze Pack 60 hpi 10 x 15.2 cms£6.30
SG_60_8X10Silk Gauze Pack 60 hpi 20.3 x 25.3 cms£14.50
SG_60_HMTSilk Gauze HALF METRE60HPI 50cms x 98cms£64.00
SG_60_MTSilk Gauze ONE METRE60HPI 100cms x 98cms£99.00
SG_60_QMTSilk Gauze QUARTER METRE60HPI 25cms x 98cms£40.00

72 hpi Gauze:

SG_72_3X3Silk Gauze Pack 72 hpi 7.6 cms x 7.6 cms£3.20
SG_72_4X6Silk Gauze Pack 72 hpi 10 x 15.2 cms£6.30
SG_72_8X10Silk Gauze Pack 72 hpi 20.3 x 25.3 cms£14.50

Please email me for details.


TN_26_X6Tapestry Needles x 6Size 26 (suitable for 32 hpi gauze)£1.00
TN_26_X20Tapestry Needles x 20Size 26 (suitable for 32 hpi gauze)£2.80
TN_28_X6Tapestry Needles x 6Size 28 Length: 3.2cms (suitable for 40 and 48 hpi gauze)£1.20
TN_28_X20Tapestry Needles x 20Size 28 (suitable for 40 and 48 hpi gauze)£2.80
TN_12_X4Ball Point Bead Embroidery x 4Size 12 (Perfect for 56hpi gauze)£1.20
TN_28_X6Tapestry needle x6 (petite)Size 28 Length : 2.6cms (suitable for 40 and 48hpi silk gauze)£1.40
CN_12_X6Crewel Needles x 6Size 12 (suitable for 56, 60 and 72hpi gauze)£1.00
CN_12_X20Crewel Needles x 20Size 12 (suitable for 56, 60 and 72hpi gauze)£2.00


Bell Pull Fittings

Intricately etched brass Bell Pull Fittings, exclusive to Nicola Mascall Design
(approx. 12mm wide)

Bell Pull Fittings:

BPF_Bell_PullBell Pull Fittings£6.00

No Hole Beads

These acid free, NO HOLE BEADS are ideal for stuffing your cushions once they are stitched. There are ample beads in the pack to stuff 6 to 10 cushions, according to how padded you want them.  I never fill my cushions more than a third full at the most. 

No Hole Beads:

BEADS_No_HoleNo Hole Beads30g pack (white)£3.00


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